Coming Soon : Kultar’s Mime, the poem and the play

Kultar’s Mime is in the publishing process and will be available in June 2015. It will feature a foreword by Dr. Uma Chakravarti, academic, feminist and human rights activist, who has been working with the survivors of 1984 for thirty years. The book will also include Sarbpreet Singh’s recollections of the amazing journey of the production, which by March 2015, had completed thirty-six performances in the US, Canada, the UK and India.


She’s never been so afraid in her life
She’s too young and innocent to comprehend
As they come to her waving stick and knife
She thinks they’ll kill her; this is the end
Sweet Rano don’t bother to hold your breath
Pray harder yet, but for the boon of death
Don’t fear the knife embrace it you must
Its all that lies `tween you and their lust
You’re young and you cannot even think
These are not men but lust crazed beasts
Tonight you’re one of their carnal feasts
There are depths where they’re yet to sink
They circle around like beasts of prey
Her beautiful face is pallid ashen grey


All she can see is a huge circle of hands
Fingers that flex squirm in lecherous glee
Big hands small hands dark hands pale hands
On all of them spots of blood she can see
The lascivious hands and their lewd dance
Realization comes to her in single glance
She begins to tremble and frightfully shake
As a firm hold on her body the hands take
Her body is lifted up high up in the air
By the hands and carried to the next room
Oh desperate day of pain death and doom
She struggles kicks weeps tears at her hair
They toss her roughly on a rickety bed
A resounding blow she feels on her head

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Sarbpreet Singh is a playwright commentator and poet, who has been writing while pursuing a career in technology for several years. His commentary has appeared on NPR's Morning Edition, The Boston Herald, The Providence Journal, The Milwaukee Journal and several other newspapers and magazines. He writes a weekly column for the popular culture magazine, He is the founder and director of the Gurmat Sangeet Project, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of traditional Sikh music and serves on the boards of various non-profits focused on service and social justice. He is very active in Boston Interfaith circles and was recognized for his interfaith work by the Boston Globe.